Leppanen Anker Arquitectura

TYPE:               RESIDENTIAL 
SIZE:                N/A

Work in collaboration with Isabel Molina

As Latins, we understand the importance of indigenous legacies like music, dances, food, arts, crafts, clothing, folk culture and traditions that have been taught through centuries to all of us. Socialization is an important part of our culture and there are specific places where people meet to reinforce the relationship of reciprocity with the earth and the communities. Markets are a good example where traditions are reinforced, with colors, sounds, history, and identity each market becomes an interpretation of the ancient shops.

Leppanen Anker interpreted today markets as tissues and fluid spaces that are intertwined virtually and physically as cultures converge with each other. Likewise, these places are like living organisms that change with seasons and needs. Keeping that in mind it was decided to create a connected space that celebrates the colors and traditions that users can experiment through the project while creating spaces that respond to the architectural program.

This project was located in Washington DC, USA.